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10 Tips to consider when buying plastic food storage

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                Plastic is the major choice to most moms when it comes to food storage over metal because of its several benefits. Metal is prone to rust and most of them cannot be trusted to not spill the food while in physical activities. However, plastic became the problem of choice due to chemical compositions and its reactions to environment especially heat.

                But there are plastics that undergone several studies before went into the market for food uses. Its strength, number of uses and alternative chemicals that is not harmful for humans and also to environment.


1. Microwave sign

Almost kitchen household personnel do the food reheating for those can be preserved in the fridge so choosing a perfect plastic container that is good in microwave heating capabilities is one of the major criteria we are looking at.


2. Chemical Free

Moms who usually shopping their kitchen goods in the supermarket always encounter the word “BPA free”. BPA stands for bhisphenol A is a chemical used in 1960 to create plastic. They are literally found in expony resins that is use to coat metal materials such as food cans.


3. Plastic Recycling Triangle

            We always see the triangular recycling logo at the bottom of plastic container and had no idea is all about. Every plastic container or bottle has a recycling symbol. The symbol is a number, ranging from 1 to 7, within a triangle.

  •  #7 has BPA on it or “PS” Polystyrene (Styrofoam) which is hard to recycle and prone to chemical leak when exposed to too much heat.
  • #5 or “PP” Polypropylene The safest so far is and can be found usually in yogurt container or medicine bottles
  • #1 or “PET” Polyethylene Terephthalate are usually clear and thin plastic that can be found in water bottles and soda,  however bacteria accumulation is easy so that is why it is advisable to use these bottles once.


4. Airtight

                Silicon snug inside the container’s cap is the major market preference nowadays because of  its spill proof capability when putting inside the bag without worrying a sauce might spilled.


5. Easy Open

                Factors in Decision making are children especially children uses spill proof plastic for their lunch. There are easy close in close out snap locks that requires little force for children. Just learn to classify them with our judgement

6. Dishwasher safe.

                Look for the dishwasher safe insignia. And then ALWAYS put it on the top rack of the dishwasher where the boiling hot water has cooled down somewhat



7. Less plastic layers and edges.

                Reason for this is there are some hard to reach areas of plastic container when cleaning with regular sponge cannot be reached out that causes molds build up. Example is mold build up behind the silicon snugged in the food container cap hardly, there are containers that needs a pointed object to lift silicon.


8. Stacking up

                Think similar shapes for boxes even if they don’t come from the same brand. They are usually easier to stack up and take up less space in your cabinets.


9. Transparent

                Always go for transparent container as if the most convenient way to check the food prepared and determine which container are prepared for kids and to the family without the hassle of opening them one by one.

10. Container size

                Containers varies only with their size but there are containers nowadays even with their bulk size has dividers that makes room for other dishes. It does not only saving the space in your bag to carry additional food storage, but also the convenience to carry them all at once.



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