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2 Main Considerations prior to Home Appliance Investment

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       This article is divided to two sections. 'Quality' and 'Affordability' since these are the main qualities that people are looking for when buying an appliance. Because nowadays, people are now very cautious and awareness of the brand are very high among consumers. Investments on major appliance is a major purchase.



  1. Impulse buying. Most consumers are fall into this trap since marketing strategist is doing all campaign appealing to buyers. The red tags, the 50% off, flash sale online and length of sale day. They want to impose the statement "Now or Never". The question needed an answer are

         'Do I really need this?'

         'Does cheaper/local brand can compete with known brands when it comes to quality?'


  1. Understand your needs. Learn to separate from wants and needs. I am pretty sure we all hear that and that is not what happen to a common friend who came to watch a TV shopping network. An 'energy efficient' refrigerator with built-in smart screen to shop online where in fact he is alone & doesn’t stuck much food.                                                                                                                                        
  2. Ease of use. If you find yourself stagnant when understanding those soft-touch button with several programs selection for washing machine, DROP IT! Most of the 21st century appliances makes them more expensive however functionalities are the same with traditional washing machine. Then you have to think if these advances will improve your household activities.

   Another example is a housewife regrets nothing after she bought a manual control fridge with  'NO FROST' feature. Though quiet expensive, she was able to do other household chores now, instead of wasting her time defrosting and cleaning the floor.


  1. Get the right size. Another consideration is the space available in your home. Most condominiums have limited space especially their kitchen. You have to carefully look which appliances can fit but also maximize appliance's storage [e.g. Fridge].

                Also, have to think if there are additional equipment needed to purchase after buying a product. You assume there is no enough ventilation in your kitchen, cooking using your new gas range stove will bring smoke inside the room, either way, you have to purchase ventilation system.


  1. Energy Efficiency. When replacing your home appliances, energy consumption is the thing you need to consider if it will add burden to your monthly bills. The well known 'Energy Star' Sticker is one of the identification since present appliances were built in accordance to lessening energy consumption and respond to severe climate change


  1. Warranty. Finally, after checking all the list you needed, you have to make sure that the appliance you bought passed the quality check, or special seal that certifies durability. A contact number of the store or service centers. You should be clear about the cover of warranty to save repair expenditures.



  1. Price Bargain. There are many dealers out there are willing to match others competitor just to gain consumer. If all else fails, you can ask if they can extend their gratitude by buying their products thru free delivery or extending service warranty.


  1. Look for special deal/clearance sale. There will be, and always will be. Announcement made usually on the newspaper or you can browse local e-commerce website for a flash sale after determining you severely needed the product.

                      A friend of mine bought a 32 inch LCD TV with free coffee maker after he passes a store and read their tarpaulin announcement. All you have to do is continuously look for them.


  1. Refurbished Items. Yes, you read it fellas. That is, if you are on tight budget and cant afford to buy brand new item. There are a lot of second hand appliances online, preferably in your local environment for easy meet up with the seller.

                Be careful when choosing them especially those bogus account and wants nothing but your hard earned money, you can check the previous comments and transaction with his previous buyer and how long he’s been a seller.


  1. Scrap for Sale. If you think your old appliance is no longer working, you might sell them to metal scrap store, or sell its various parts to repair shop. Definitely they will accept it since these shops need spare parts for other repairing needs. You can use that extra cash to buy brand new.


  1. Slight Imperfection. There are appliance warehouse out there you can ask with lower price. Especially those with slight dents, open box items or undelivered to their customers after they had cancelled it.

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