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5 Most Versatile Household Tool Kits

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Every household, no matter the size, needs a tool kit. Even if you have never picked up a tool before, you never know when you’re going to need to hammer in a nail that is sticking up or tighten a screw that is loose on your kitchen table. But with all the different tool kits and sets out there, it can be more than a daunting task trying to figure out which is the best one for you. That is where this article comes in handy. The following is a list of the 5 most versatile household tool kits. These kits are ideal for home use and are useful to people of all tool-using experience.

#5: 42 Piece Household Tool Kit by WorkForce

If you’re looking for an affordable option that is not lacking in tools, look no further than this 42-piece kit. It is ideal for both minor repairs and daily projects, such as fixing cabinet or drawer hardware, hanging pictures and small building projects. This kick includes a 10-foot tape measure, utility knife, 8-ounce hammer, utility scissors, fastener pack, long nose pliers, screwdriver, 20 bit set for the screwdriver and hex key set. This versatile tool kit also comes with a storage case that doubles as a carrying case, and is perfect for household, auto or office use.

#4: 5-in-1 Kit

If you’re looking for something a bit more minimalized but still useful, consider this 5-in-1 kit. Manufactured from GreatNeck, these chrome plated tools resist rust include a hammer and screwdriver. What makes this 5-in-1 kit so great is that the screwdrivers are stored neatly in the handle of the hammer so you will always know where the tools are when you need them. The screwdriver sizes included are Phillips #0 and #1, and Flat 1/8-inch and 3/16-inch.

#3: The Black and Decker Project Kit

If you want a tool kit that is more builder- and project-friendly, check out the Lithium Ion Screwdriver and Project Kit from Black and Decker. This kit is perfect for both a professional carpenter, as well as a do-it-yourselfer. The kit includes a lithium-powered screwdriver, ratcheting screwdriver, adjustable wrench, hammer, adjustable pliers, measuring tape, snap off knife and 33 different bits and accessories. It also has a carrying bag that stores every piece of the kit neatly.

#2 52-Piece Household Tool Kit

Manufactured by SYM Tools, this 52-piece kit works just about anywhere, including the home, office, auto or dorm room. It’s perfect for when a minor project pops up and the do-it-yourselfer inside needs to take care of it. The kit includes an 8-ounce claw hammer complete with a tubular handle, 4 precision screwdrivers (Flat – 2.0mm and 1.4mm, Phillips - #1 and #0), 6-inch long nose pliers with a double dipped handle, 6-inch adjustable wrench with a double dipped handle, 18mm plastic knife, 6-foot measuring tape, hex key with a hex key holder, ratchet bit driver, screwdriver bits (Flat – ¼-inch, 3/16-inch, 9/32-inch, 5/32-inch : Phillips - #3, #1, #0 : Star – T40, T30, T27, T25, T20, T15, T10 : Square – S3, S2, S1 : Hex – 5/32-inch, 1/8-inch, 3/32-inch), box of assorted anchors and screws, fastener kit and tool box that lets you conveniently store all the items included in the kit. The affordability of this kit makes a great deal and an even better gift.

#1: Stanley 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Set

This Stanley homeowner’s tool set is number one on our list for good reason; it’s a complete kit filled with any and every tool you would need for your minor and everyday project all at an extremely affordable price. In fact, this kit retails for under $50! And because all the tools in the kit are the Stanley brand, you know you’re getting high quality tools that will last for many years. Furthermore, every Stanley tool is manufactured with the well-known and well respected Stanley quality and specifications that meets and exceeds those required by the ANSI.
Include in the homeowner’s tool set is a 13-ounce hammer, 16-foot tape measure, torpedo level, 18mm snap-off knife, long nose pliers, slip joint pliers, standard screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, 8 metric hex keys, 8 SAE keys, ¼-inch spinner handle, ¼-inch ratchet (round head), 8 SAE sockets (1/4-inch), bit holder (1/4-inch) and 30 bits.

Tool Breakdown:
  • 13-Ounce Hammer: This 13-ounce hammer is made from fiberglass to reduce the vibrations that naturally occur during use. However, it feels like real wood when you hold it in your hand and features a rim temper to reduce the chance of chipping. It also has a curve claw that allows for easy removal of nails.
  • 16-Foot Tape Measure: As with other Stanley tape measures, the one included in the kit features the Tru-Zero hook end that helps ensures an accurate measurement. The yellow case is constructed from ABS to increase durability and the blade, which measures ¾-inch, is coated with polymer to reduce the chance of abrasion. The tape measure also features a belt clip, and a marking for stud center at the 16- and 19.2-inch area.
  • Torpedo Level: This 8-inch Torpedo magnetic level is made of ABS plastic, for improved durability. The 3 360-degree vials are top-reading and tinted to make it easier to see. This level is ideal for making sure anything you have to hang or put together is properly leveled.
  • 18mm Snap-Off Knife: This 18mm snap-off knife is made with polymer components and stainless steel, and features a slider mechanism that self-locks with a click to ensure safety and security. The cap of this 18mm knife has a removable blade snapper that lets you easily snap off each of the 13 sections to ensure you’re always cutting with a sharp blade.
  • Long Nose Pliers and Slip Joint Pliers: The main draw of long nose pliers is that it allows the user to reach into areas that traditional pliers cannot get to. The one included in this kit are 6-inches and features a fixed joint and 1-inch jaw. The 6-inch slip joint pliers have a ½-inch jaw and two locking positions. Both sets of pliers have a comfortable grip.
  • Standard and Phillips Screwdrivers: A #2 Phillips and ¼-inch standard screwdriver is included in this kit. Both screwdrivers feature ergonomically designed handles that have a comfortable textured grip that is designed with slip-resistance in mind.
  • Miscellaneous Tools and Accessories: Along with all the things listed above, this set also features various tools and accessories, including a ratchet (full polish ¼-inch round), ¼-inch spinner handle, ¼-inch sockets, ¼-inch bit holder, and 30 different specialty bits. You will also find two sets of hex keys with caddies that help keep the 8 metric keys and 8 SAE keys organized and well kept.



Now that you know a little more about the 5 most versatile household tool kits available, you can decide which set will work best for you, your home and your family. Remember, that, while one kit will usually be enough, there is nothing stopping you from purchasing a second kit or by adding to your current kit with new tools that you need. The whole point of a household tool kit is to keep the tools on hand that will help you maintain your home throughout the year.

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