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7 Important Grilling Tools

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1. Spatula 

A good spatula has a handle to allow you to flip the food with ease. Spatulas are made of metal or flexible plastic that is tough enough to withstand heat and do not melt easily.  Handle that has long handle is a good example to keep your hands away from heat.


2. Chimney Starter

The easiesst way to lit the charcoal, chimney starter is made of metal in cylinder in shape. Using crumpled newspaper or odorless liquid fuel to start to lit the charcoal and pour on the grilling equipment to lit the remaining charcoal


3. Grill Mitts

The goal is to protect your hands from heat and bruises caused by hot metal. There are alot of gloves can be bought online and made up of several materials, but the best design is , it length should be close to elbow and cotton layer should be thick enough.

4. Grill Brush

The most important is the after grilling event and how to remove the grimme and residue from the grill from the last cooking. Best to clean it is right after the cooking since it is heat is enough to remove meat that stick 

5. Basting Brush

One of the powerful tool to add flavor and oil to the meat. Spreading the flavorings, herbs and spices through brush is the even way to do than dripping them where a lot of flavorings will be wasted 


6. Tongs

Long handed tongs is the best tool for grilling when turning over thick meat. Reaching the food instead of fork can retain the tenderness of the food while grilling.


7. Skewers and Shish Kebabs 

A lot of people do not know this terms, it is basically like a barbeque stick. They are made of metal and wooden kebab. Wooden is cheaper but they got burn easily if they were use several times. kebabs are accommodating, easy to customize, and they’re a natural for mixing ingredients and flavors

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