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Top Five Must-Have Small Kitchen Appliances

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When things gets busy yet I still opt to prepare my own meal, that’s the time I find small appliances very helpful to make my life easier and healthier. I work five times a week and yet I am trying hard to be a hands-on wife. So here's the list of my favorite small appliances at home and how cool they are. 

Waffle Maker 
Waffles are easy to prepare. You can have your breakfast ready for just a couple of minutes using this Nordic Ware Stovetop Belgian Waffle Maker. It’s a waffle maker that heats up evenly because it’s thin which perfectly makes crispy and golden brown waffles.

To cook the waffle, pre-heat the waffle maker on top of the stove, spray or brush with vegetable oil  then pour the batter wait for the lower part to be cooked, and then flip it to cook the other side. Now you have your crispy, brown, and delicious waffle. Add the toppings that you want like peanut-butter, butter, syrup.

After using this, you can clean it properly using soap and water. 

Coffee Maker

Coffee is the best way to energize my mornings!. Since I am a certified coffee-lover, I opt to buy this Espresso Cappuccino Maker for extra-yummy coffee. I don't have to go in Starbucks to get espresso. 

 As long as you get a good batch of coffee grounds, this machine can turn it into delicious espresso!


Slow Cooker


I use this to prepare healthy meals like Beef and Tomato Stew. This kitchen equipment makes meat tender and well flavored. There are lots of recipe to try based on your lifestyle. 
I love using slow cooker because most of the recipes are easy to prepare and healthy. 

Cast Iron Griddle

The multi-purpose Nordic Ware Reversible Griddle is one piece no kitchen can live without! With one smooth side for frying eggs and pancakes and another side with raised grates for searing and grilling meat, this cast aluminum pan does it all. Coated in durable nonstick for easy cleanup and food release. And my favorite part for this cooking equipment is it provides even heat from both burners. 


Juice Extractor 


If there are days that you don’t want to eat anything, I opt on drinking juice instead.

Juicing offers a lot of health benefits including faster and more efficient way to absorb nutrients found of fruits and veggies. I got sick and my doctor advised me to drink Carrot juice. It didn’t just help me to heal faster, it also helped me to lose weight.


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