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Best Uses for a Swiss Army Knife

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A Swiss Army knife is perhaps best known for its versatility on camping and other outdoor adventures. But its uses go far beyond that.

There are many versions of the knife, each with its own set of attachments and tools. But some like scissors, a screwdriver, and a corkscrew are common to all.

Here are some creative ways you might not have considered for using this handy tool.

Cooking and preparing food

While full-sized kitchen utensils certainly have their place, a Swiss Army knife can do the trick in a pinch. This is especially true when traveling. The knife can handle everything from opening cans to slicing vegetables. Some high-end models even come with peelers.

Once you’ve finished cooking, use the corkscrew to open a bottle of wine or the bottle opener to crack a bottle of beer to enjoy with your meal.

Speaking of food, many knife models come with a toothpick that can save you some post-meal embarrassment if you get something stuck in your teeth.

Personal grooming

We’ve all been there — stuck at work or out and about with a pesky hangnail or stray hair that seems to get in the way no matter what you do to avoid it. A Swiss Army knife makes it easy to cut, file, or tweeze these nuisances and go on with your day.

They also come in handy for pet grooming. Pets can pick up things like splinters and ticks the same way humans can. Use the tweezers to remove them right away before the area becomes infected.

Carrying bundles

Bales of hay and bundles of paper become almost effortless to carry thanks to the hook tool on the Swiss Army knife.

With the hook pointed down, grab the item at the top of the bundle and use the knife as a handle to carry it. This technique also works for grocery bags and other carriers with built-in handles.


The same hook used for carrying can also come in handy for catching fish. Use the hook attachment on the fish itself, or use it to clean a fish you’ve already caught.

Self defense

While a Swiss Army knife is not technically considered a weapon, it can be enough to ward off someone who is trying to mug you or give you a hard time. A sudden flick open of the knife blade can be enough to startle someone and make them head the other way.

Hopefully you will never need to use this functionality, but it is ready and waiting in case you do.

Opening things

From letters to bags of potato chips, a Swiss Army knife can come in handy when scissors or a letter opener are not available.

Simply use the one of the blades that comes with any Swiss Army Knife and you’ll never have to ruin your keys — or your teeth — again. Use the large blade for cutting and slicing and the small blade for more delicate cutting.

Untying a knot

Whether it’s in a jewelry chain or a shoelace, knots can be bothersome and difficult to untangle. The corkscrew tool makes it easy to get to the center of even the toughest knot.

Start by running the corkscrew through one loop of a knot and work outward from there. The knot should get easier to unravel as the knife does its work.

Taking notes

A little-known feature of most Swiss Army knives is the ballpoint pen. You are not going to write the next great American novel with this tiny tool, but it can come in handy for signing a check, jotting down a phone number, or crossing something off of your to-do list.

The pen can be a little difficult to access. The best place way to use it is to open the knife’s multi-purpose hook then slide the pen in beneath it.

Doing tricks

Impress your friends or viewers on YouTube by learning some pocket knife tricks like the butterfly or the thumbspin. Turn your Swiss Army knife from a functional tool into a conversation starter with just a few simple moves.

Make sure you are very familiar with your knife and how it works before attempting any of these tricks. They are more difficult than they look and take practice to perfect. As great

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The more you carry your Swiss Army knife, the more uses you’ll find for it. You’ll wonder how you ever got through your everyday life without it. Starting at around $50, this little tool is proof that good things really do come in small packages.

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