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DIY : Remedies to exterminate pests and insects inside your home

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DIY : Remedies to exterminate pests and insects inside your home

            Keeping and maintaining our home from germs and free from dirt is a daunting task to keep it safe to our children and also members of the family. Aside from that, protecting our home free from attacks of pests that carries bacteria and diseases. This, with the advent of chemicals, pesticides and antibacterial aerosoles provide cons and pros not only within households but also to environment.
            However, there are still alternative substance we can use inside our kitchen to neutralize these pests. Affordable, worry-free and non-toxic compared to the poisonous chemicals. Below are the do-it-your-own pesticides

1. Ants

Killing ants is a difficult task because of their size, although they form a line that makes easy to crush, but they will keep coming back. Other household advises to use gasoline to kill them at once.
But eventually, who will risk to poison her home and in case an accident happened can burn down your home.

What you need?

1 tsp. dishwashing liquid
1 tsp. cooking oil
1 qt. of water.

Mix it with spray bottle and spray it towards the ants and soft-bodied insects. Spray it even on their track and hide outs. However, the draw back on this one is, once it dried up, it is no longer effective but much convinient rather than killing them one by one or pour gasoline in your home.


2. Cockroaches

Cockroaches is the most common insect in our home that carries millions of bacteria.
Public enemy which is hard to kill because of its lifespan - a cockroach can survive without its head for 7 days and multiplication of its offspring for short period of time

What you need?

Baking soda and sugar
Boric acid powder(optional)

All kinds of pests are attracted to smell of sugar and baking soda serves as an exterminator to kill them.

Mix equal parts of all ingredients to a plate or jar lids
45% baking soda
45% granuated sugar
10% boric acid powder

Place them under your kitchen sink or where you usually spotted cockroaches. Cockroaches hide in dark areas or between edges. Try to fill the container every other day.

3. Flies

Reason that flies keeps on accmulating is because of uncover garbage, fecals and smell of food. What you can do if not eliminate them entirely is to drive them away inside your home.

What you need?

Is a waxy, flammable solid compound with strong aroma. Light it up and let its aroma filled your room. Flies hate the smell of camphor and move away instantly

Essential Oils
These oils are not only made for relaxing aroma inside the spas, it can be used to keep the flies insane. Oils like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon grass.

Screen Your Windows and Doors.
The usual and effective way to not letting them in.


4. Rats

Rats or Rodents are the destructive and horrific pests inside our home. Its size can grow as big as rabbit, its wastes such as urine and feces leaves foul smell and eat even the clothes, soap and plastic container.

What you need?

Rat Poison
Composed of chemical compounds that kills pests however, mishandling chemicals hold a lot of drawback such as accidental ingestion in human system and pets.

Rat Trap.
There are number of rat traps can be bought at the hardware or online store. Such rat cage, glue traps and electric trap and standard slap-trap.


5. Bed bugs

Bed bugs is a simple way of sleep harrassments especially if it targets your bed and woke up with several bruises-like in your skin. Struggle is real since their favorite hiding spot is the very corners of our bedsheet that leaves you giving up your matresses.

What you need?

Vacuum Cleaners

Hot Steam Treatment - Bed bugs cannot stand the heat with over 120 degrees.

Dip in Hot and boiling Water - Bugs may scape the effects of the chemicals but no can stand the sensational heat even they are hiding the corners of your mattresses.

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