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How to grill food even without grilling machine

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          Well basically, to all the momsies out there  who doesnt have enough money and resources to buy a huge and expensive oven and yet, wanted to give the best weekend for their families. Eating in the fast food or restaurant are sometimes uneconomical to those who ar trying to make both ends meet. 

            As we move along, we are looking for the most innovative ways where we can stay at  home, save expenses and have a meaningful bonding with the kids while enjoying restaurant like food at the comfort of your home. 

            Below is the short list and easily found kitchen appliances and equipment that would surely serves as an alternative.



Broiler works almost the same with your grilling equipment it such that the heat are coming from the top without getting grilling marks. There are other ovens have seperate heating and broiler compartment, but the most usual are sliding tray that looks like a drawer under the oven, however, it is less flexibility when it comes to distances from heating element but it is mostly designed 4 to 5 inches away from it. This is quite ideal distance for moderate heat on the grill

As you broil, make sure that you leave the door open slightly and regular check with the food to avoid over cook. 

Cast Iron Grilling Pan

It doesnt provide a smoke taste and the best is...its cheap. Well ideally, it almost work the same as frying a food but it provides a smart looking grill mark. And if you have reversible flip over pan, you can make hotcakes. The only cons is when grilling, the subject should be sliced, enough thickness to be grilled on the pan.


DIY Gas Grills

You can actually turn your gas stove into a simple grilling machine by using a grilling rack or wire mesh with handle. Online store offering different design such as flip over grilling rack where bacon, vegetables, meat subject can be sandwhich inside a stainless grill or wire mesh. There are other comes with a stand for easy grilling while keeping the distance from the stove while flipping them over.


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