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How to keep your wine last longer

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          Wine became one of the domestic consumption in the world today apart from tea as an alternative replacement to coffee and carbonated drink. Wine contains antioxidant proven to fight free radicals, a study have shown that mortality rate is quite higher in US rather than some contries un Europe with higher consumption of native wine. Population of France, the major consumer tend to live longer over their western counterpart. US reported had a higher risk of obesity due to main food contributors such as pizza, burger and cola.

     So wine became a widespread not only in special occasion but also usual dinner. The only question is how to keep the wine last longer since it has a short shelve life after consumption unlike other beverages. The question lies on the next question.


Do all wine needed to be refrigerated?

Wine does not intendedly to last longer. Wine is a product of "fermentation"  Once you open a bottle of wine, you need to refrigerate it, but most wine remain unspoiled for about a week under low temperature.


What is Fermentation?

 I mention earlier the word "Fermentation", but what exactly it is?

              Fermentation is the conversion of carbohydrates into lactic acid, its the interaction of bacteria towards sugar and then turn them to a sour vinegar taste. Fermented wine produces a lot of carbon dioxide. When this process happened, wines main requirement is to be sealed air tight, once the cork was damaged, or slightly opened due to vibrations, air expose can lead to air oxidization and can lead to change of flavor same reaction when you peel apple or potato chips stand in room temperature thus, choosing perfect wine affects choosing the quality cork to protect it from external environment


Red or white wine: Do they need refrigeration?

Well, not all. Most of people living in France and other European countries and Japan

Refrigerate white wine immediately right after it was opened. But unlike red wine, it can be opened to

room temperature because its flavor can taste better with little oxidation especially the expensive one


Wine: Is it still consumable?

Wines go bad if it’s left open for too long. First to look at is its color and condition of wine


  1. Wine is cloudy
  2. It will begin to brown and change color
  3. Tiny bubbles


Storage: wine to last longer.

First, Keep bottles on their sides so the cork will continually stay moist and it won’t dry, shrink,

or develop any tiny holes. If the cork fails, letting air inside, wine stops aging and starts deteriorating.


Second, wine’s ideal temperature is cool, direct sunlight exposure contributes the deterioration of chemical components of wine so might store it in indirect sunlight or dark places


Debate: Refrigerator VS. Wine Cooler

Refrigerator has been the basic home appliance and applause for doing it well. Keeping vegetables and meat to stay bacteria free and fresh but what refrigerator is not good at is storing wine. Refrigerator requires distinguished 40 degrees farenheight. This temperature is too high, and it is not recommended for wine. Another thing is its uncontrolled vibration which is a no no for wine preservation.

A wine fridge, on the other hand, is designed to minimize potentially wine-spoiling vibrations that mess with the wine’s maturation process.


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