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Making your own Yogurt Using Yogurt Maker

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                Yogurt is becoming the domestic favorite snack not only to children but also for fitness lover because of its benefit. Common notion to some regular household that yogurt cannot be consider as a snack because most people surveyed, yogurt is one of the most expensive snack compared to bread loaf, cereals and whole milk.

                But yogurt has a long desert history since 6000 B.C. and was believed it started around central asia as a result mostly an accidental discovery by barbarians. Milk stored in a sheep’s skin  bag to conserve them, the milk fermented maybe because protein components of the milk reacted on the sheep’s skin causing to ferment and became thick. Recorded history also says the group of Genghis khan survived by eating yogurt.

                Today, there are several and modern way to produce and create yogurt. It became a burst in the world market because of its health benefit after the discovery of the bacteria present in yogurt called LACTUBACILLUS which is proven a good bacteria for good digestion. Different flavor and fruit toppings added with the yogurt to became more appealing and a choice as one of the staple foods. But yogurt maker machine becoming a hit to shoppers just because yogurt can now be made at the comfort of your home and save costs.

                In response to yogurt’s growing demand, a homemade recipe you can make using the machine and other easy to find ingredients in the kitchen.



  • 1 gallon milk
  • ½ cup plain yogurt


  • If you are going to make a liter of yogurt, you need a liter of milk, take note, the preferred milk for this recipe is whole milk. Whole milk will make your yogurt thicker, but for those with budget constraint, you can use half liter of low fat milk and remaining half is whole milk, but still, it makes the right thickness in the yogurt


  • Heat the milk in the large pot until it reaches 190 degrees. You don’t need to spend time around looking after on it since approximately, a liter of milk heats up around 20-30 mins


  • Cooling a bowl of heated milk to about 115 degrees. You can fasten the procedure by putting the bowl of heated milk on the ice.

  • Mixing the plain yogurt and milk. There are plain yogurt for sale in the supermarket, the well known brand is Dannon. Put half cup of plain yogurt and 2 cups of milk to another bowl and whisk together.

  • Put the mixture in a container. For me, I prefer to use the size as the yogurt container. Put them in the yogurt maker. This time, I use GREEK YOGURT MAKER from shorisuperstore. Set the timer to 10 hours, but found out that 11 hours gives the taste of what yogurt you bought in the supermarket.


  • Put the yogurt inside the fridge for 4 hours to cool and thicken. Enjoy your home made yogurt.

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