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The Best Gizmos for Your Household Tool Kits

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A handyman or woman can do a lot around the house, but not without a well-stocked tool kit. It doesn’t take as many tools as you might think to take care of most issues around the house. Most hand-held tools can suffice for small projects, though there are a few battery powered power tools you should put in your household tool kits. With a little forethought and smart shopping, you can stock up on everything you need to complete projects and perform maintenance in the comfort of your own home.

Caulking gun – Almost all homes have windows, and after years being exposed to the elements, they can leak. The quickest and easiest way to fix a leaking window is to caulk it. These guns are also handy for fixing tub surrounds and other leaky areas. Just be sure to buy project-appropriate caulk to fill the gun.

Drill – You never know how much you’ve needed a drill in your life until you’ve got one. You can easily fix annoying little problems around the house in one fell swoop. With this handy tool, you can hang pictures, fix decking, build playhouses, tighten cabinet handles and drawer pull-outs, tighten door hinges, and so much more. A drill and bit/tip set is an investment you’ll never regret.

Saws All – Tree branches fallen from the latest storms are usually remedied with a simple Saws All with a wood blade. You can choose blades to cut different types of material, and most options are fairly inexpensive. This handy tool can help you build everything from DIY bookshelves to a birdhouse. Your creativity is the only limit.

Hull saw kit – A hull saw bit that attaches to your drill can cut perfectly round circles through doors, floors, walls, etc. This is a super-handy tool for installing new door handles and dead bolts. If you’re feeling crafty, a hull saw blade is great for cutting out everything from new coasters to Christmas ornaments.

Hammer – Every home needs a hammer. It’s good for breaking up ice, hammering nails, remodeling walls and floors, knocking out materials, straightening objects, and so much more. Get a ball peen hammer, a mallet, and a claw hammer.

Screw drivers – Sometimes a drill isn’t the appropriate tool for the job. Always have several sizes of Philips and flathead screw drivers. It’s nice to have a miniature screw driver set, as these are ideal for fixing glasses, computers, and kids’ toys.

Socket sets – Bolts are on everything from table legs to engines. Every household should have a socket set to loosen or tighten bolts. Be sure to get a metric set and a standard set of bolts if you anticipate doing DIY projects or engine work at home.

Glue – It won’t take long to realize how handy it is to have glue around the house. There are several different types of glue that can act as bonding agents for a number of different materials. It’s good to have a variety of adhesives for different applications, such as wood glue, epoxy resin, carpet glue, etc.

Pliers – Needle nose and conventional pliers are must-haves in household tool kits. During the throes of a home maintenance job, many people will put their pliers in a soft case and attach it to their belts for easy access. Pliers are excellent tools for manipulating hard-to-bend materials, pulling nails, stabilizing nails and screws and so much more.

Leatherman or other multi-tool – Basic multi-tools contain a knife, bottle opener, needle nose and conventional pliers, wire cutters, screw drivers, and a file. Though a multi-tool might be slightly more expensive than some other tools, it’s well worth the cost. These tools become fast favorites of crafters and homeowners.

Ax or splitting maul – It’s surprising how often a splitting maul comes in handy when performing outdoor chores. With a weighty, sharpened ax or maul, you can eliminate downed branches, dead trees, vines and other nuisance plants in the hard. You can even gain a nice pile of firewood for indoor or outdoor fires on cold winter nights.  

Staple gun – If you decorate during the holidays, a staple gun is going to be a life-saver. Stapling is the easiest and fastest way to attach strings of lights to your home. This method has stood the test of time, unlike plastic hooks and other hangers that tend to be overpriced and difficult to use.

Screws, hooks, and nails, etc. – Household tool kits aren’t complete without screws, hooks, nails, bolts, and other fastening devices. After all, if you’ve only got a hammer but no nails at a time when you really need to have both, you can’t complete your project.

Use common sense while building your tool kit. If you know you will need to include paint scrapers or different types of tape, of course, do so. Your kit should be stocked to meet your personal needs. Add additional items as you see fit.



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