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Unusual Household Tool Kits Every Household Should Own

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Every well-prepared household has a basic toolkit, complete with hammer, wrench, screwdrivers, pliers, and flashlight. However, sometimes you need to make repairs that are out of the ordinary, for which the above tools are no help. To cope with any emergency and carry out any project, there are a few extraordinary toolkits you should have at home.

Smartphone Repair Kit

When your phone is out of warranty, you might as well try to fix damage yourself. It is impossible to make repairs using your regular tools, due to the small scale. You need a repair kit designed just for smartphones.

A smartphone repair kit will feature tools like screwdrivers (including a Pentalobe screwdriver for iPhones), tweezers, spudgers, a suction cup, a SIM card ejector, prying tools, and an anti-static wrist strap. These will allow you to replace screens, batteries, front assemblies, charging ports, volume buttons, motherboards and logic boards, speakers, and microphones.

Some toolkits also work for laptops and other types of electronics. Opt for the highest quality to avoid further damage to your device.

Lock Tryout Keys

If you’ve ever locked yourself out of the house, you will know how frustrating it is to wait until someone arrives with a spare key. It is also easy to lose keys for padlocks, filing cabinets, and lockers. Most people end up searching the house from top to bottom or calling a locksmith.

With lock tryout keys or jiggler keys, you can open locks of all sizes. Toolkits come equipped with a number of keys in different shapes and sizes. Although not a failsafe method, they often open locks in just a few seconds.

Barbecue Steel Brushes

It is always appealing to host a barbecue with friends or family. You probably forget why you don’t do it more often — until it comes time to clean up. It is almost impossible to remove all the charred grit stuck the metal surface using regular kitchen cleaning equipment, and it takes forever.

A better solution is a set of barbecue brushes. Made from steel, they remove all residue, with little effort required on your part. When you purchase a set, you will receive brushes of different sizes, including a long-handled brush to access narrow spaces and a large brush with overhand handle to apply pressure.

Half-Length Garden Tools

If you have a garden, you likely own a set of single-hand tools for precision work and full-length tools for more serious digging. However, in many situations, neither is ideal, such as when you want to work in a small area but you need power.

Half-length garden tools provide the best of both worlds. You can use them while sitting or kneeling but can use both hands to work more forcefully. Like this, you’ll finish the job sooner. The perfect toolkit will consist of a half-length trowel, bulb planter, and spiral hand weeder.

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