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Knives / Cutlery sets / Cutting Boards

There is a saying: "A knife can only bring happiness when used in cooking.” Of course, these refer to the usual cooking knives we always use for preparing tasty dishes. Kitchen knives are one of the more important utensils needed for making delicious food. We use them to cut various fruit, meat, and vegetables that shape the culinary masterpieces we cook. Each ingredient has a certain knife that is suitable to slice through it without damaging its shape or decreasing its flavor. This is why these important cooking tools are often sold in sets.

A standard knife set is usually composed of six blades. A large chopping knife, or cleaver, for cutting meat and larger ingredients, the chef’s knife for multi-purpose cutting of ingredients, a serrated knife for cutting hard ingredients like tougher fruits and bread, a filet knife for slicing thin parts of meat, a paring knife for peeling and cutting smaller ingredients, and an extra utility knife as a substitute for the aforementioned blades. Of course, other knife sets would include other blades into their set, like scissors and ice-picks, making these sets unique in their own way.