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Commercial Sweepa Rubber Broom (13.5 in.)

Commercial Sweepa Rubber Broom (13.5 in.)

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A rugged broom that is ideal for tough commercial and industrial applications. This commercial broom has a head that is thicker and wider than the regular household size, and it also has longer bristles. The part where the head screws onto the pole is also a bit thicker on this version, so it will remain more sturdy under higher stress. This is the perfect tool for sweeping while you work because it reduces cost, saves time, and eliminates frustration. If you compare performance of this tool against traditional versions, it will outperform all others for every application. It's easier to use, requires less work to achieve results, and will remove more dirt from your floors with each pass. Add to that the fact that this commercial broom is virtually indestructible, and you have a superior tool that will produce great results, and remain in like new condition for years. Perfect for construction sites, warehouses, barns, factories, plants, kennels, retail locations and more. Any place that sees large areas of floor cleaned on a regular basis can benefit from this product. It makes the job quicker and easier, and it will last much longer without wearing out or losing its shape.

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