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Outdoor Sweepa Rubber Broom (18 in.)

Outdoor Sweepa Rubber Broom (18 in.)

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The large, virtually indestructible, 18" head on this tool makes it the perfect outdoor broom. Use it to sweep out your garage, clean a deck, clear a patio or remove debris from your driveway. The extra wide head, and pliable, rubber bristles make sweeping easy because they form a solid wall, and conform to any uneven surface. As you sweep, you will also build a slight static charge thanks to the natural rubber construction. This causes dirt to suck up into the bristles, and remain on the ground instead flying up, or floating away as you work. The rubber head is a solid piece that has been molded to shape so it can not come apart. It will never lose its shape, bend or break, and if it gets dirty you can hose it off easily, or even wash with soap and water. An all steel handle completes the package, and compliments the rubber bristled head nicely. It's sturdy enough to handle years of abuse, and it won't fail, even with regular use. Because it's so study, and able to produce great results, this broom is also ideal for construction sites, warehouses, barns, factories and other commercial and industrial settings.

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