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Comfort Grip Telescoping Pole

Comfort Grip Telescoping Pole

  • 2799

Clean with extreme comfort when you attach tools to this telescopic pole. It has a soft and squishy coating at the top, so you can work for long periods without any strain or blisters. The foamy covering is constructed from a neoprene material, and it not only adds padding, it also makes the grip wider so you can hold it with less effort. A large adjustment knob at the center easily turns to loosen or tighten, and it allows you to set any length from 34" - 62". An integrated hole at the top allows you to hang it for storage, and prevent damage to tools that are attached. At the bottom, you'll find a universal threading that allows you to attach any broom head, mop head, duster or brush. The inner core is made from a durable aluminum, so it is both sturdy and lightweight. Replace a regular pole to make existing brooms and mops more enjoyable to use, or add an extension to other brushes and dusters to give yourself a longer reach. This commercial quality pole will provide incredible longevity, and it's guaranteed to be the one of softest, and most comfortable handles you have ever used.

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