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Demon Pro Grout Brush

Demon Pro Grout Brush

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This mean looking brush will have dirt and mildew quaking with fear thanks to its destructive reputation. Where other options fail, this one will succeed because it offers more surface area, better angles and stronger bristles. With very little effort or pressure applied, it will cut through and remove tough grime that others leave behind. It has an angled shape that's designed to clean tile and grout lines all at once, so it will save you time and energy while providing better results. Attach to a pole for a longer reach, or use in your hand like a regular brush. Either option will offer quick results, comfortable usage, and remarkable cleaning power. An added row of Nylo-Grit bristles at the center ensure you can scrub free any type of dirt, and polish the surface to a sparkling finish. Stop wasting money on flimsy versions that force you to do all the work, and don't waste another minute using so called commercial versions that only flatten or fail with more than one use. This powerful alternative will work better than what you are using now, and it will hold up through many uses without wearing out.

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