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Deluxe Lint Brush

Deluxe Lint Brush

  • 1999

A deluxe version of our regular rubber lint brush, this dual sided model will help you eliminate pet hair and lint from almost any surface. Made from natural rubber, it has long bristles on one side, and wavy ridges on the other. Use the longer bristles to quickly remove soft particles and fine strands of hair. The reverse side is perfect for eliminating any microscopic pieces left over, or to ensure a gentle touch on textured or sensitive materials like corduroy, suede and velvet. You can easily flip back and forth from one side to the other, and over time you'll discover which side works best for the different surfaces and types of debris you encounter on a regular basis. When used dry it can safely clean almost any surface to remove lint and pet fur, but you can also get it wet, and mix with soap and it transforms into a powerful scrub brush.

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