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Mini Hand Held Grout Brush

Mini Hand Held Grout Brush

  • 1999

Don't struggle with other tools that force you to scrub for hours, and save your toothbrush for the job it was made for. When you switch to this powerful alternative, you'll never worry about dirty grout lines again. It has durable bristles that can scrub loose any type of dirt, and they won't lose shape, turn soft, or wear flat like cheaper versions do. Instead of scrubbing and sweating like other tools demand, you will gently move back and forth as the bristles do all of the work for you. The advanced material cuts through scum, eliminates grime, and lifts up stubborn dirt without effort. Because the head is tapered at the center, it allows you to clean thin or thick lines without any change, and you'll wash the top of each tile, and the grooves, with the same simple motion. A slight point at the front makes it ideal for tight corners and other hard to reach spots, and ensures that no area is impossible to clean. The comfortable handle has been given the perfect angle to make it easy to use, and it even has a hole at the end so you can hang it for storage. Throw out those flimsy brushes, inadequate scrub pads, and toxic cleaners. With this amazing tool at your disposal, you won't need to block the fumes, or collect your sweat because any surface in your kitchen or bathroom will be easy to clea

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