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Ultimate Upholstery Brush

Ultimate Upholstery Brush

  • 1999

Designed to remove pet hair from almost any surface, this tool is perfect for upholstery, but you'll soon find many other uses. It's one of the best fur removing tools available for furniture, but it also doubles as a grooming tool, and a scrub brush too. Use it to eliminate fur from couches and chairs in your living room, or use it in your vehicle to pull hair from crevices, and quickly clean the surface of your seats. You can even use it on clothing, drapery, bedspreads, pet beds or anything else. More than just a hair removal brush, you can also use it right on dogs and cats for grooming, and they may enjoy it more than the tool you're using now. The flexible bristles are far more gentle that common materials like metal, and it can even double as a scrub brush at bath time. Similar to natural rubber, the TPR bristles are highly durable, and able to build a static charge when cleaning. This tool features an angled head for added convenience, and two rows of shorter, more rigid bristles at the top to ensure you can dig down into any crack you encounter. The head is molded right onto the handle, so it will never fall apart, and thanks to the durable materials that are totally washable, it will work like new, and last for many years of constant use.

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