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Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Opener

Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Opener

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Why would anyone want a can opener that just opens cans? This advanced opener is will make quick work of cans, but can also open up just about any other container you have too. The main end of this great tool features the award winning Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety can opening device and the other end features a 4-in-1 opener similar the the Parrot Opener we also carry. The can opener features a self attaching blade that cuts a safe, clean line around the outside rim of the can you are opening. This means no dangerous edges to harm you, or jagged lids that fall into the can. Simply use the integrated mini pliers to grab the lid and lift it off without ever touching the can or the food inside. Flip it around and use the other end to open up everything else. The uniquely designed opener on the opposite side can take care of flip tops, screw tops, pull tabs, and even break the seal of screw top jars. This means that in addition to cans, you will also be able to open soda cans, beer bottles, canning jars and so much more with this amazing kitchen gadget.

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