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Universal Can Strainer

Universal Can Strainer

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Don't you hate it when tuna juice squirts all over your fingers, or when a bunch of tiny peas escape to go rolling down the drain? This universally adaptable can strainer solves both of those problems while allowing you to remove liquid in less time, and with less effort. The large strainer basket is attached to a long handle to keep your skin away from juice exiting the can, and with three different size options in the recessed colander, it works flawlessly with most cans you'll encounter. Simply remove the lid like normal, then hold this in place while dumping out the contents of your can. Tiny pieces of food won't be able to escape, but every drop of liquid will come pouring out of the holes. Use it one way to gently cradle the food as the juice drains out, or flip it over to press down, and eliminate every last drop. It's made from top quality stainless steel for a high end look and long term usability, and it's totally dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

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