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Swissmar Grate and Shake

Swissmar Grate and Shake

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This high quality grater allows you to shred your favorite hard cheeses, and then serve them using the same great tool. It is ideal for dinner parties, or to set out on the table any time you serve pasta, soup or salad. The Grate and Shake provides a simple solution so that it is easy to serve freshly grated cheese at any meal. It is almost as easy as using a store bought tub, but fresh cheese is way more flavorful, and this container is much nicer to look at. The Grate and Shake has a stainless steel, grating surface at the top that will easily shred any hard cheese like parmesan and romano. It can even be used to grate chocolate for use as a gourmet dessert topping. As you use it, all of the cheese is collected in the stylish container below. A small opening at the top of the unit allows you to tip the grater over and shake out cheese as needed once you are done. The integrated pouring spout makes it easy to add just the right amount of cheese, directly onto your food. When it comes time to clean it, simply remove the silicone base for easy access to the interior of the grater.

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