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DIVA Basic Swiss Slicer & Grater

DIVA Basic Swiss Slicer & Grater

  • 3699

A durable plastic piece creates a curving base that supports a variety of interchangeable, stainless steel inserts. It provides the perfect ergonomic handle to comfortably hold the tool, but it also doubles as a shut to direct the finished product right where you want it. Shred a large pile of flakes into a container for later, or grate the perfect amount onto each dish, based on individual tastes. The finished food will always slide right out, and land exactly where you want it. This set comes complete with two inserts and a safety food holder, so out of the box, you will be able to slice or grate any number of foods. With added inserts, sold separately, you can increase your ability, and achieve even more with this versatile tool. The hand held size makes it easy to work with, and the extreme portability means that it's equally useful in the kitchen, or at the table. Quickly shred or slice while preparing a meal, or use it in your dining room to pass around fresh ingredients, and have each person add as much as they like. Switch from one insert to the other without slowing down, because you can pop one off, and replace it with the next, all in a matter of seconds. It's made in Switzerland using top quality materials, and it's guaranteed to work well, and last for years of use. Don't struggle with inferior tools, and forget about cutting by hand. Impress friends and family, save time and improve results when you prepare or garnish foods using this combination slicer and grater. Dishwasher safe.

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