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Ceramic Plate Grater (3 Piece Set)

Ceramic Plate Grater (3 Piece Set)

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This three piece set provides an easier way to grate food, and prepare dishes with more flavor. The main component is a simple ceramic plate with a colorful design, and little bumps all over the surface. It's simple to use, and offers a more efficient way to puree and grate tough foods like garlic and ginger. When you use this device instead of traditional graters and knives, you preserve flavor, use more of the food, and finish in less time. It only takes a couple of twirls to reduce a large clove into a flavorful paste, because the ceramic nubs power through food, and keep your fingers safe at the same time. Hard stuff like chocolate and ginger are normally difficult to work with, so they lead to frustration, but this plate makes them easy to grate, and allows you to produce professional quality results with very little effort. As an added bonus, the set also includes a garlic peeler so you can quickly remove skins without making your fingers smell, and a little brush to help you transfer your ingredients, or combine with oil to brush onto bread. The hand painted designs give them a great look, and the glazing all over ensures a safe surface that is easy to clean.

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