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12-quart convection oven

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12-Quart Convection OvenAdd a small, dependable, portable oven to your kitchen with a Nesco roaster. It does everything your big oven does, except broil and it offers a "Circle Of Heat" electric element around the sides of the roaster that allows foods to cook evenly to perfection without sticking to the bottom and keeps them moist. This oven doubles as a roaster and a convection oven. The convection features a fan that helps to circulate the heat and is ideal for roasting a turkey, chicken, a prime rib and more. Once the roasting is done you can even take the meat out and make your gravy directly from the roaster. If you are planning on cooking something like a chili or soup, simply turn the convection off and use the roaster portion. It also features a removable, nonstick cookwell and chrome-plated cooking/baking racks makes for easy cleanup. 12qt capacity 1,100W Convenient hinged lid Adjustable full-range temperature control up to 450F Removable cookwell, fan & motor for easy clean up Chrome-plated cooking/baking rack Porcelain-coated cookwell & heatwell resists scratches, corrosion, stains & chips Circle of Heat heating element cooks from the sides for moist, even cooking Convection allows for 10% - 30% faster than traditional roaster ovens

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