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Extension Pole

12 ft. Extension Pole

  • 3799

A super long extension pole for use with our static dusters and microfiber duster. Use with one of those two tools, or combine with any other you currently have that would attach in a similar way. With this pole, you will be able to clean every surface of your home or office no matter how far away it is. Ceiling fans, plant ledges, picture frames, sky lights and more will no longer be out of your reach. It extends to a full 12 feet, making it possible for you to reach and clean surfaces up to 20 feet high. Using a duster was already one of the quickest and most efficient way to clean, but now you can do even more with one of these amazing tools. This pole has both standard thread, and a tension tightener, so it can be used with the static duster, or the microfiber duster. Either screw the microfiber duster on the end, or pop a static duster in the end of the extension pole, and tighten the knob to secure it. The three-stage telescoping ability of this pole makes it easy to get it to just the length you want. Extend to any length and then twist to tighten securely. Because it is made out of aluminum, it is lightweight, yet incredibly durable. Increase your reach and no dirt will elude you.

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