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Swiss Pull Chop

Swiss Pull Chop

  • 4299

Chop onions in seconds without shedding a tear, or cut and mix a batch of fresh salsa with six quick pulls. This hand operated chopper gives you speed and accuracy that rivals expensive electric versions, but it does so at a fraction of the cost. It is blazing fast and way more accurate when compared to chopping by hand, and it allows you to do more in less time. A simple pull action will operate the blades, and the easy action combines with a wide handle to ensure that anyone can use it. Two razor sharp, stainless steel edges are attached to the center rod, and a plastic guide is mounted above them. Each tug will result in several spins, so food gets cut quickly, but the added guide keeps it close to the blades to improve uniformity and accuracy too. The completely enclosed bowl contains odors and reduces messes, and it's the perfect size to provide enough capacity without becoming too bulky.

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