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Swiss Chop Chop

Swiss Chop Chop

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Faster than an electric food processor, and more powerful than a regular knife. This chopper doesn't have super human abilities, but it will amaze and delight with it's simple and effective operation. A quick tug will cause the blades to spin rapidly, and reduce any food to evenly sized chunks. The number of tugs will determine how small the pieces are, so a few pulls will make coarsely chopped pieces, and a few more will cause them to become proportionately smaller. Keep on tugging, and any food inside the container will finely mince, and then puree together. It comes complete with an additional storage lid, and an optional scraper that can attach to make smaller foods like cloves of garlic easier to chop. Extremely sharp, stainless steel blades are mounted in tandem to the rod at the center, and a plastic guide sits above them to force food downward. Just pull back to chop with speed and accuracy, and you can dice vegetables, prepare salads, or mix fresh salsa in seconds.

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