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Manual Food Processor

Manual Food Processor

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A fast and easy way to chop vegetables, make salsa, mix deserts, whip eggs and so much more. This simple and effective tool makes a great alternative to more expensive electric versions, and it offers similar speed and functionality at a fraction of the cost. It is perfect for chopping any kind of veggie, but it is especially nice for onions because it prevents tears by keeping everything sealed inside the container. Use for a single item, or do several at once for mixing and chopping that happens all at once. Chop up salads and coleslaw, or produce a home made salsa with ease. Switch to the mixing blade to whip desserts, blend fluffy omelettes, or stir pancake batter. You can even chop to a puree for nutritious baby food made right at home. Easy to assemble, and even more simple to operate, this great gadget allows you to chop with speed and accuracy by just turning the handle. Don't waste energy with a knife, only to get uneven results. Save time, effort, and dishes when you use this tool instead.

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