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Friction Mount Towel Bar

Friction Mount Towel Bar (White)

  • 2999

Patented mounting brackets that are stronger than suction allow you to install this towel bar in almost any location, and hang up to 20 pounds. The friction mount system gives you a non-permanent install that looks and feels as if it were cemented in place, or stuck to the wall with screws. There are no tools necessary to hang it up, and installation only takes a matter of seconds, but once in place, you will have a great looking towel rack that won't slide, spin or fall off under weight. It's perfect for folks living in an apartment, dorm or rental house because it doesn't leave behind marks or holes, but anyone else that wants a quick and simple way to add storage can also benefit from this remarkable product. It sticks to nearly any bathroom surface, so use with confidence on tile, fiberglass, mirrors, acrylic, glass and more. As an added bonus, the mounting brackets are completely reusable. Just peel off and re-position if you decide you want in a different spot.

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