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8 Person Cast Iron Raclette Grill

8 Person Cast Iron Raclette Grill

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Add some fun to your next meal with this cast iron party grill. The Swiss designed appliance allows you to grill meats and veggies on top while heating sauces, or melting cheese in the dishes below. Enjoy conversation, watch movies or play games as your food cooks, then combine grilled stuff from the top with savory sauces from below to create mouthwatering combinations that are fresh, healthy and enjoyed by everyone. This complete set is equipped with eight individual cooking stations, and every one it's own raclette dish and spatula so each diner can prepare food specific to their own tastes, and at the same time as everyone else. The cast iron grill plate offers a durable cooking surface, and it's totally reversible with raised ridges on one side, and a smooth griddle on the other. Use one side to grill meats and vegetables to perfection, and use the other side to prepare things like crepes, pancakes or grilled sandwiches. Thanks to the hefty material, you can even take the grill plate off, and use it inside your oven, or on top of your barbecue outside for even more versatility.

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