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Stove Top Grill

Stove Top Grill

  • 3499

This is the ultimate indoor cooking surface, and it offers a fast, healthy, and convenient way to cook your favorite foods. Bring the great taste of outdoor grilled food inside as you use this stove top grill to convert almost any range in seconds. It can be used on both gas and electric stoves to provide an easy way to prepare mouth watering meals in minutes. When compared to other similar products available, this one will work better, and last longer due to superior materials that are safer and more durable. The heavy-duty grill pan cooks food to a golden brown thanks to perfectly even heat distribution, and grease drips down through the holes to reduce your fat intake. It has a safe, non-stick surface that will allow food to cook quickly without sticking, and that same surface will make it easy to clean afterward. Fill the stainless steel drip pan with water, or your favorite marinade to add moisture to your food, infuse flavor, and prevent drying. When you cook with this amazing grill, you guarantee a delicious meal.

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