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HA20 Headlamp, Black/Yellow, 300 lm, 2 x AA

HA20 Headlamp, Black/Yellow, 300 lm, 2 x AA

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Never be left in the dark again with the Nitecore HA20 LED Headlamp, a perfect combination of power, efficiency and durability. Despite running on just 2 ordinary AA batteries, the HA20 has a maximum output of 300 Lumens and a peak beam distance of 110 meters, so you will never need to worry about seeing what is in front of you, whether you are walking alongside the road or hiking up a dark trail. Its wide-beam optics give you a broader view of what is in front of you, with 100 degrees of coverage. The headlamp also features an additional 4 brightness settings to match your specific needs, as well as a strobe function, an S.O.S. function and a location beacon, all of which can be accessed using the simple single button interface. The head itself is able to be rotated vertically up to 90 degrees so you have better control of where your light shines. The HA20 even features 2 red LEDs that can be used with constant brightness or a red beacon.

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