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Ultrasonic Desktop Humidifier

Ultrasonic Desktop Humidifier

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Increase moisture and improve your health with this compact and quiet humidifier. It continuously pumps moisture into the air to improve skin, ease dry throats, and make the room more pleasant. There are no loud fans to annoy you, and no filters to clean later. The ultrasonic operation is incredibly efficient, extra quiet, and totally natural. Once turned on, a thick cloud of natural water vapor will begin to billow out, and float upward. The air in the room will quickly improve as moisture is added, and thanks to negative ion generation, it will be cleaner too. Like your home to smell good? Add a drop or two of your favorite aroma, and the scent will spread throughout the room to deodorize naturally. Push button operation makes it simple to use, and a low water shut off sensor ensures a long life for the motor. The added LED lights and rippling top make it look pretty awesome, and a button at the top allows you to choose any color, or run it with the lights off. The compact size allows you to use it anywhere, and the low maintenance design makes it perfect for anyone. Improve air quality in your home or office without giving up space, worrying about water damage, or dealing with a loud appliance.

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