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4 Inch Kulu Herb and Vegetable Knife

4 Inch Kulu Herb and Vegetable Knife ( 2 x Knife : Red & Green )

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Sure this knife looks cool, but that's not the only reason why it makes a great addition to any kitchen. The sweet looking design of this knife is not just for show, it actually makes mincing and chopping a whole lot easier than it is with a traditional knife. It features a razor-sharp, high carbon stainless steel blade with a non-stick coating and a conveniently curved shape. This means that you will be able to easily cut through any vegetable or herb and achieve a clean and precise cut each and every time. The nonstick blade surface ensures that this knife will glide effortlessly through anything you are cutting, and even leafy green vegetables and herbs will release easily instead of sticking to the blade. The overall shape of this knife is incredibly ergonomic, perfectly balanced, and designed to be used with your choice of a one-handed or two-handed grip. Simply roll the blade across your food to mimic a professional rocking chop motion and quickly mince, chop cut and dice your food. This knife is perfect for nuts, herbs, vegetables and so much more. The ingenious and ergonomic Kulu Herb & Vegetable Knife rolls right through all of your mincing and chopping jobs.

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