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8 Inch Serrated Edge Utility Knife

8 Inch Serrated Edge Utility Knife

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The perfect all-around knife for any kitchen. This versatile tool can do it all, and it never gets dull, even with regular use. An eight inch steel blade is finished off with a triple set serrated edge. The unique blade design prevents the tearing that's common with traditional versions, and it provides zero maintenance performance because it will never require sharpening. Get the same results and accuracy that expensive, professional level, cutlery provides, but at a fraction of the cost. It can slice bread, cut tomatoes, saw bone, portion frozen meat, carve a roast, chop celery and so much more. Soft or hard, there is no food it can't slice with precision, and the ergonomic handle ensures it's comfortable to use for long periods. With an added forked point at the end, this powerful knife provides incredible versatility and control. Get the perfect angle, and cut right to the bone, or up to the skin thanks to the razor sharp edge, and flexing action. It's so powerful that it can cut through a tin can, and because it's dishwasher safe, it will be easy to care for.

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