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Colori Utility Knife

Colori Utility Knife

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Incredible performance and versatility make this tool widely popular. It's larger than a regular paring knife, but shorter and skinnier than a chef's knife. The overall length of the blade measures five inches, and it's forged from a superior quality, Japanese steel. A colorful coating is added to the steel in order to reduce friction, and make it easy to clean. Because it doesn't stick or snag when you slice your food, the razor sharp blade is enhanced to make it even more powerful. Great for de-boning meats, cutting celery, or chopping carrots, this tool provides added length that can improve ability and results for certain tasks. It comes complete with a protective sheath that covers the blade for storage or travel, and it's available in your choice of colors. A matching handle is coated with a soft material that adds comfort, and when combined with the ergonomic shape, it allows for prolonged use without strain. Dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended.

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