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Kuhn Rikon Nonstick Bread Knife Colori

Kuhn Rikon Nonstick Bread Knife Colori

  • 3699

One of the easiest ways to cut bread is also one of the best looking. This sharp looking knife would be an attractive addition to any kitchen. Sleek styling and a colorful coating make it attractive to look at, and high quality materials make it perform better than most. The super sharp blade is made from carbon steel, and then coated in a non-stick material that reduces friction. This combination results in a knife that cuts without effort, and glides through food without sticking. You will get a nice clean cut every time with very little effort. It's designed for use on bread, but it can also be used for tomatoes and other veggies if desired. The included safety sheath is great for storage or for taking it with you on the go. Just slide it into the plastic cover, and toss it in the drawer, or pack it up to bring to a party, campsite, picnic or anywhere else. You never have to worry about open blades, so the possibility of damage or accidents is greatly reduced. 7" serrated blade.

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