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Long Reach Duster Set

Long Reach Duster Set

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Reach any surface in your home, and make it spotless with this Long Reach Duster Set. Lightweight and powerful, this cleaning tool will make it effortless to remove dust and cobwebs from notoriously difficult places like ceiling fans and rafters. You get the softness of feathers, but with way more cleaning power, so you can safely dust any surface, but instead of spreading the particles around, you will be sucking them up like a magnet. Bend the duster to any angle in order to work with uneven objects, or thoroughly clean the tops of fan blades without taking out your stool. Each set will come with one large duster and one twelve foot extension pole. Made from strong, but lightweight materials, this set is ideal for anyone that needs to dust something up high, or otherwise out of reach. When held in your hand, with a duster attached, the pole will give you a reach that is up to 20 feet long in most cases. Don't spend one more minute dusting with old rags and outdated dusters, and stop getting out the ladder just to clean overhead fans or remove cobwebs from corners.

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