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Large Instant Marinater (10" x 14")

Large Instant Marinater (10" x 14")

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Flavor your meat in as little as five minutes with this advanced container. Instead of letting food sit overnight to soak up the right amount of marinade, this one uses vacuum technology to infuse the taste in a fraction of the time. A locking lid provides the air-tight seal necessary to make it work, and also allows you to lock in bacteria and raw juices after the meat is on the grill. Once closed, the same lid doubles as a platter to allow you to transport the finished food back inside without getting another dish dirty. You can use it for a single chicken breast, or you can fill it to capacity in order to serve as many as 14 pieces at once. Culinary experts agree that letting steak or chicken sit in marinade for several hours will produce the best tasting barbecue, but this handy grilling accessory enables you to get the same professional tasting results in less than ten minutes. Use it to prepare flavorful meat in the time it takes your grill to heat up, and experience the same taste and tenderness that the pros get.

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