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15 Blade Professional Meat Tenderizer

15 Blade Professional Meat Tenderizer

  • 3499

Don't beat your steaks with a mallet, or coat your chicken with magical powder in order to make it edible. Improve any piece of meat by using this professional quality tool instead. Any boneless cut, no matter how good or bad, will taste better, cut easier, and cook faster after being tenderized prior to cooking. This version has 15 stainless steel blades that penetrate deeply in order to cut connective tissues, and create micro-channels within the meat. The result is improved texture, increased marinade absorption, even cooking, and meat that's incredibly tender when finished. Thanks to the patented, removable knife cartridge, this tool is easier to clean that others, and it's totally dishwasher safe. Simply press down to make it work, and quickly tenderize any amount of meat. The razor sharp blades make operation effortless, and the high quality construction ensures long lasting durability. It even comes complete with a protective that safely conceals the blades when not in use, and it's available with your choice of ABS or steel columns.

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