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Household Swivel Mop (18 in.)

Household Swivel Mop (18 in.)

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Cleaning any hard floor is easy when you have this mop. It comes complete with two high quality microfiber pads, and each one can be used wet or dry depending upon the mess you are cleaning. It will never scratch or mark any surface, but it will pick up and eliminate 99% of all dirt and germs it comes in contact with. Because the reusable pads are made from the highest quality microfiber, they will deep clean without any soap or chemicals, and you never have to worry about the specific material you are mopping. Only water is needed as a cleaning agent so you can avoid products that are expensive or harmful and still have great looking floors. Use dry for dusting, sweeping or drying spills, or get the pads damp to scrub and remove stubborn grime. The low moisture style of cleaning is ideal for hardwood, but also perfect on marble, linoleum, tile, vinyl and more. There is no sink to fill, bucket to push around, or dirty water to dump out when you are done. You will not need to buy boxes of replacement pads, or bottles of cleaner, but your floors will be cleaner than ever. It comes complete with two washable pads, and even has a commercial grade, telescoping handle that will adjust to the perfect length for any user.

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