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Ultimate String Mop

Ultimate String Mop

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The ultimate in floor cleaning technology. This clever mop combines the cleaning power of microfiber with the absorption ability of a synthetic shammy. This string mop is more absorbent than any similar cotton version, and thanks to the high quality microfiber fabric, it cleans with only water. Use it with your favorite cleaner if you want, but the unique weave of the fabric allows the Ultimate String Mop to clean without chemicals. You will be able to remove 99% of all dirt and germs with only water added. It will hold 47 times more liquid than a traditional cotton mop, but it also dries faster so it won't stink or grow mildew like they do. It is extremely hygienic and can even be used in clean room applications. Comes complete with an all steel, telescoping handle. Clean your floors faster, easier and safer.

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