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Porcelain Broiler Pan w Grill

Porcelain Broiler Pan w Grill

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BP102X 2 Piece Porcelain Broiler Pan with Grill... Replace that dirty old broiler pan that came with your oven. Your family will love the tasty (and healthy!) meats and seafood prepared with a broiler. You will love the faster cook time, and easy clean up. Broiling cooks with a high temperature to seal in juices, while fat drips through the grate into the pan below. Keep it for gravy or sauce, or discard it and enjoy juicy low fat meat. The bottom pan also does double duty for baking: how about dinner rolls or cheesy jalapeno cornbread Our stick-free porcelain coating means clean up will be quick, too! Grill Pan and Drip Pan with Stick-free Porcelain coating, 16" L x 13" H, Original Equipment Manufacturer Quality.

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