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Kuhn Rikon Dual Peeler

Kuhn Rikon Dual Peeler

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This handy little tool gives you two types of peelers in one convenient package. It features a regular blade on one side and a serrated blade on the other. To switch from one type to the next, you simply twist the handle. THe ingenious design allows you to swap one for the other quickly, while remaining totally safe and incredibly efficient. Simply turn the cover portion of the handle to reveal one blade and cover the other. This cover will lock in place to form a solid, ergonomic handle with the unused blade tucked safely inside. With this combination of peeling blades at your disposal, it will be easier than ever to perfectly peel any kind of fruit or vegetable. No more sifting through the drawer in order to switch tools, or dealing with the wrong tool just to get the job done. Simply flip the Dual Peeler from one blade to the next, and you are ready to go. Food prep will take less time, you will have more professional results, and cleanup time will be cut in half.

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