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Swivel Style Piranha Peeler

Swivel Style Piranha Peeler

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A swivel blade Piranha Peeler from Kuhn Rikon. Prevent slipping and sliding with the added teeth on the specialized blade. Instead of gliding over the surface, or slipping around, the sharp bite of this blade digs in slightly to improve performance. Fuzzy fruits like peaches, or slippery foods like tomatoes are quickly skinned without any prep or special steps necessary. The swiveling blade will slide and pivot to conform to rounded shapes, and it has teeth on both sides, so it works in either direction, and can be used in your right or left hand. The skinnier handle is slightly curved, and coated in a rubber material to create a comfortable and ergonomic tool. Use side to side, or peel from back to front. This tool is easily adaptable to any peeling style, and the lightweight construction reduces strain without affecting durability. Dishwasher safe, and complete with a hanging hole so you can store it in a drawer, or on a hook.

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