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Star Peeler

Star Peeler

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A super sharp, hardened steel blade allows this vegetable peeler to outperform all others. Even when working with the hardest fruits and veggies, it will peel skin like a hot knife through butter. It works well on softer foods too so the Star makes the perfect all around fruit and vegetable peeler for any kitchen. You will be amazed at how effortlessly you are able to remove skin, and how much less time it will take you. That's because the razor sharp blade will glide right through at the perfect depth to remove wide swaths of skin in a single pass. Potatoes, carrots, apples and more can be peeled quickly and easily using this tool, and because it's a high quality device, it will stay sharp, and last for many years, even with heavy use. The STAR Peeler is the updated version of the REX, which is the original to feature this design, and both are still made in Switzerland, unlike most of the copy cats. Many others have tried to duplicate the design and performance, but as with most things, you can't beat the original. This one is proven to work better, and last longer than similar looking models.

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