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PlateTopper Original (10 in.)

PlateTopper Original (10 in.)

  • 2999

One of the quickest and most effective ways to store your leftovers. This amazing storage lid will transform any plate into an airtight container that is spill-proof and stack-able. Use it to cover a dinner plate for re-heating later, store a dish for days at a time, or keep snacks and other foods fresh for longer. It is a great alternative to foil, plastic wrap and baggies because it is totally reusable and way more versatile. Simply press down to suction it in place, and it will hold strong until you remove it. When you're ready, a little pull tab allows you to break the seal, and take the lid off easily. The top portion is completely flat, but features an integrated handle. This allows you to store one on top of the other, and quickly retrieve or carry without trouble. Thanks to the powerful bond between the lid and your plate, nothing will spill, even if you tip or shake it. It's incredibly useful as a way to cover stuff without getting a new container, but it's also valuable as a microwave splatter guard. Take leftovers straight from the fridge, and heat them quickly without making a mess, or getting another dish. 10" diameter.

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