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Large Golf Bag Storage Rack

Large Golf Bag Storage Rack

  • 8999

Reduce clutter in your garage or basement, and keep those expensive clubs organized and off the floor when not in use. This incredibly sturdy storage rack easily installs on any wall, and includes enough hooks to hang six bags of varying shapes and sizes. Neatly arrange the whole family's golf bags in one convenient location, and always have them easily accessible when it's time to hit the green. They will be protected from moisture and dirt on the floor, and it will eliminate the possibility of expensive equipment getting buried, or otherwise damaged. Installation is quick and easy, and the strong materials ensure that this incredible rack will last much longer than the golf equipment it will be holding. Multiple hooks in two different styles will make it easy to adapt to your specific equipment, and all hardware necessary for installation is included. It even comes complete with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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